concept by Lucretia Schmidt & Georgij Melnikov

art works by Alessa Esteban, Georgij Melnikov, Ines Kaufmann, Ela A. Sattler, Lucretia Schmidt,

costume design by Joël Macher, reception Christina Schmiedel


Your Vanity, the fuel of the contemporary, individual fulfilment complex, a cornerstone of self-centred artistic practice, a defining cultural habit of the digital hemisphere, is casted for eternity - By "Vain Casting" the company for putting your personal assets into a solid foundation, to have the biggest possible impact on future generations. Be Anal? Vain Casting!


We scout for the vainest of them all, the stars, the supernovas of attention to cast their butt in gold for eternity! Are you the ONE? do you fancy feeling anal again? Then you came to the right place, at vain casting!


So whats the next step?


Find out if you are vain enough for a personal casting of your own *gold plated* butt by participating in the precasting.


How does the Precasting Work?


Sign yourself in at the reception with Christina. 

(minimal polaroid and styling fee is 5€ per person)

(you need an instagram account to participate)

Get a number and wait until you are being called.

Choose an outfit from the styling corner and get a bespoke makeup design by our professional face artist.

(you need to be dressed in mint in order participate)

(you don't have to wear make up)

Step to the photo wall, prepare yourself with the selfie stick you will get from us.

Take your vainest belfie (butt selfie) using the selfie stick

While you are at it, one of our team members will document your action with a polaroid camera.

Put the clothes back on the rack.

Pick up your polaroid, pay the fee & make sure we got your IG name so we can contact you if you are chosen.


Our methodology in choosing the winner is determined by a cybernetic, biometric system which needs at least 40 degrees to be understood completely, so don't even try to cheat the algorithm.


The results of the anal-ysation will be published on our social media channels and our website.


Keep in mind, that the golden butt castings are limited and most are reserved for very important people. Furthermore we want to inform you that the precasting does not guarantee a place for the actual gold butt casting. This competition is not about beauty or popularity. We search for the vainest asses only!



So, that being said: give us your vainest, your most egotistical butt-look, and we will tell you if its good enough! Be anal?! Vain Casting!!!



Vain Casting hosted by Aa Collections


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