About vain casting

YOUR Vanity, the fuel of the contemporary self-realization complex, a cornerstone of self-centered artistic creation, the defining cultural practice of the digital hemisphere, is searched, found and casted in the form of your ass - for eternity.


"Vain casting" - may soon take care of your very own personal back-up!

Be anal? Vain casting!


Always in search of the vainest of the vain, the stars, the supernovas of attention, to cast their assets in gold so they go down in the annals of cultural history.


Are you the chosen one? Do you feel the anal-call?

Then come to Vain Casting!


VAIN CASTING LIVE is an Interactive Performance & Film Project that deals with the distorted mechanisms of self perception influenced by the development of modern social & mass media. This happens as part of a performance whose content is the molding of an ass, from a sometimes fictional and sometimes real guest character.


The performance takes place again and again in new locations and is recorded live, the guest interviewed during the casting process, the resulting material is then cut and finally broadcast as TV Talk Show format on different channels. First goal is currently creating 3 pilot episodes.


Behind the project stands a group of artists and filmmakers as well as other supporters who come and go because of the changing locations and different guests during the project.

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